Pressure Vessels

Through our partnership with WRK and also Autoclave Engineers, Merrow Scientific are able to supply a wide range of low and high pressure vessels

High Pressure Vessels

Autoclave Engineers have been market leaders in high pressure vessel design and manufacture for over 60 years.  With a wide range of sizes, seal and vessel materials, closure designs, and custom configurable accessories all applications can be met for high pressure work - from small scale ml sized tubular vessels up to very large production vessels.  Systems include: Autoclave Engineers High Pressure Vessels

  • Zipperclave - quick-opening/closing vessel, MAWP 152bar @ 232degC, 500ml to 4ltr
  • Eze-seal - low bolting torque closure, MAWP 227bar @ 454degC, 100ml to 4ltr
  • Bolted closure - MAWP 379bar @ 343 degC, 300ml to 7.5ltr
  • Cone closure - pressures up to 4137bar, temperatures up to 1000degC (not on same system due to material limits)1.8ml - 50ml
  • AE closure - pressures up to 2070bar, 100ml to 2ltr

Other variations on these designs and other closures are available.  Please contact us with your requirements.

Lower Pressure Vessels

For lower pressure work we are also able to supply suitable systems through our partnership with WRK.

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