Fixed Bed Reactors

High Pressure Fixed Bed Reactors Fixed bed reactors in oven based environment

Merrow Scientific are the UK partner for Autoclave Engineers, who have been manufacturing and leading the world in pressurized reaction equipment since the 1940s.  Autoclave Engineers are noted for their history of safety and dependability, but also as an innovator in design,  There are a wide range of fixed bed reactors available to suit the customer's research requirements from stand alone tubular reactors to completely integrated BTRS (BenchTop Reaction System) units.  Featured to the right is a picture of an integrate 4 fixed bed multi reactor system.

The knowledge of Autoclave Engineers in terms of closure designs allow a wide range of pressures and tempatures to be realised.  Typically utilising metal to metal seals throughout so overcoming any temperature limitation of teflon tape or other materials.

Please contact us with your requirements in terms of vessel size, material of contruction, temperature and pressure and what accessories and integrated components you may require.

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